23-26 November 2013

 Rochester, NY

NYSCATE is the professional organization representing technology using educators and administrators in New York State. As a non-profit, volunteer organization, NYSCATE draws strength and support from its talented and diverse membership. With a current membership base of over 6,300, including teachers, administrators, school board members, and parents; we are dedicated to insuring that every child receives a “world class” education.

Official website: http://nyscate.org/
Twitter: #nyscate13 @nyscate
#NYSCATE13 Coffee with a Geek Interview- Amanda Pacanowski
#NYSCATE13 Coffee with a Geek - Interview with Hannah Wawrowski
#NYSCATE 13 Coffee with a Geek- Interview with Mary Howard
#NYSCATE13 Coffee with Geek Interview- Lisa Nielsen